workout tips

What does it take to score a rocking body that everybody will admire? Simply ask Regina Gunn, champ of our Fittest Friends challenge on Facebook in 2011. As a guaranteed fitness coach and proprietor of Gunn’s Fitness in Matthews, North Carolina, Gunn is always motivating her customers to get fit and accomplish their set goals. Look at some of her best fitness secrets for stunning results:

Fitness Secret #1: Take in the Right Fuel

It’s not enough to update your gym calendar—you have to roll out improvements in the kitchen, as well. “I genuinely trust that nutrition is 80 percent of it,” says Gunn. “In the event that you don’t eat correctly you’re not going to see the results that you need to see.”

Fitness Secret #2: Select Workouts that Work Well

You don’t need to invest hours at the gym to get in a total body workout—simply choose interval or circuit training. “Regardless of whether you’re on a treadmill, running outside, biking, or lifting weights, interval training is the approach,” says Gunn.

How it functions: You accomplish something to get your heart rate far up, then your body works harder to cut it back down, which means you’ll burn more calories. High-intensity exercise is another of her top picks. “Any sort of cardio in the middle of a quality training exercise,” says Gunn. “You can do that for 45 minutes or a hour and after that you’re finished.

You don’t need to lift for 60 minutes and after that do cardio.”

Fitness Secret #3: Make it Personal

It can appear to be overwhelming (and costly) to get a fitness coach, however it’s frequently the most ideal approach to maximize your workout. “You have to instruct yourself on what to do and how to do it accurately, in light of the fact that each body is distinctive,” says Gunn.

She recommends finding a nationally certified fitness coach in your surrounding or area and give it a shot for even only a month. In the event that you believe you’re persuaded enough to do it all alone, you can take what you’ve realized and go solo.

Fitness Secret #4: Give Yourself Days Off

“Resting is critical, in light of the fact that that is the point at which your muscles repair,” says Gunn. “You would prefer not to get burnt out either, in light of the fact that then will surrender and not have any desire to backpedal to it.”

Make beyond any doubt to take no less than one three day weekend from your workout, and on the off chance that you require additional rest days you can simply swap in some yoga. “Including yoga into a workout regimen is useful for your brain, body, and soul.”

Fitness Secret #5: Use the Buddy System

Her greatest motivational tip: “Discover a responsible partner,” says Gunn. “You keep each other motivated and a great deal of times fitness coaches will offer discounts to groups.” Plus, you’ll have somebody to celebrate with when you meet those fitness goals.

Fitness Secret #6: Make the most of a Quickie Workouts

Try not to give a busy schedule a chance to get in your way for fitness. Gunn’s solution: Get up thirty minutes earlier and do super exciting quick workouts. In case you’re running low on time, it’s fine to split a workout down to a half hour (or even less!) If tor instance you keep the intensity high the entire time, says Gunn.

What’s more, knowing you can even now put in a decent workout in thirty minutes means you’re less inclined to avoid the gym altogether even when you’re running late.